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Magic Stain Balls

These little hard balls of clay may look like they’d make a big mess of your stained items, when in fact they remove stains like magic.

Keep these little miracle workers in a jar in the laundry and whip one out whenever a hard to remove stain is noticed (even if thats after the item has already been washed).

Eliminate those awful grease stains from clothes, or bothersome bee poo off your white linen that was hanging on the line.

This is one from Wendyl’s archives.



2 tbsp Wendyls Green Goddess Soda Ash

1/2 cup Fuller’s Earth*

1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice


Mix the two powders together, then slowly add the lemon juice until you have a clay-like texture. You’ll notice it heats up a little while you’re doing this.

Mould the clay into balls about the size of large marbles and place on an oven tray.

Bake at 100°C for about three hours. You’ll know they are ready when they’ve turned from dark grey to light grey and gone hard.

When cool store in an airtight container.

To Use:

Dampen stain and rub a ball onto it. You should see a clay-like smear appear. Leave this to dry, then wash as normal. Always do a spot check first as we’ve not tired this method on all fabrics.


*You can buy Fullers Earth it at most organic/natural stores, give your local a call to check they have it. Bin Inn also has it sometimes. Or you can buy it online here’s+Earth+-suppliers. I’ve also seen it on Trade Me.

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  1. is fullers earth also known as bentonite clay? as that is what I bought online from pharmacy direct. when I typed in fullers earth it came up as Bentonite clay.
    I have made the balls up but they stayed very dry not at all like a clay mix! Do I need to add more lemon juice/

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      Hi Diana, fullers earth is also known as bentonite clay, can come is slightly different colours from grey to brown. The balls are hard once baked, the idea is to rub them onto the stain, particularly greasy stains, then rub a bit to lift the stain out, add water if necessary, then wash.

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