Loyalty Reward Points

In order to earn points, we need a way to keep track of your purchases.
Please register for an account to do this by clicking “HERE”
or you can create an account when you complete your first purchase with us.

Ways to earn points:

A) When you sign up for a loyalty rewards points account, you will receive 50 loyalty reward points

B) Whenever you give a product review, you will receive 20 loyalty reward points. In order to leave a review, when viewing a product, please click on the review tab next to the product description.

C) When you purchase a product you earn 1 point for each dollar spent i.e. spend $20 and earn 20 points, this includes items on special. Items on clearance earn no points.

How to redeem points:

When going through the checkout process you will see a button that says “Apply Discount”.

Press the “Apply Discount” button to redeem your loyalty rewards points.

Each point is worth 10c each, i.e. 10 points = $1.

Please note :

You earn points for the product value of purchases (freight is excluded).

Points last for 12 months from date of purchase.

Your account is used to keep your address details and your points tally, nothing more. Your information will never be shared with a third party.

Check your points balance below if you are logged in:

Loyalty Reward Points Balance here