Loyalty Reward Points

In order to earn points, we need a way to keep track of your purchases.
Please open an account here
Or create one when you complete your first purchase with us.

Ways to earn points:

When you sign up for a points account, you will receive 50 bonus points

Whenever you give a product review, you will receive 20 bonus points. In order to leave a review, when viewing a product, please click on the review tab next to the product description.

When you purchase a product you earn 1 point for each dollar spent i.e. spend $20 and earn 20 points.

Each point is worth 10c each, i.e. 10 points = $1.

Points can be redeemed at the checkout when you next purchase online.

Please note :

You earn points for the product value of purchases, freight is excluded.

You still earn 50% of points when items are on special.

Points last for 12 months from date of purchase.

Your account is used to keep your address details and your points tally, nothing more.

Check your points balance below if you are logged in:

Points Balance here