lemon in half with cloves

Lemon Clove Fly Buster


Flies don’t like the smell of lemons or the pungent scent of cloves. Combine the two and you have a natural fly repellent.

For extra fly fighting oomph, add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil
and clove bud essential oil.

This tip was sent in by one of our newsletter subscribers.

These attractive natural fly repellents are very easy to make, all you do is cut your lemon in half then stud the flesh all over with cloves and place on a small plate or coaster, add three drops of lemongrass essential oil and one drop of clove bud essential oil to each one, place these around your home where flies tend to congregate.

We’ve tried this tip out and found it did make a difference, when the scent starts to lesson add a few more drops of oil.

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