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Keep Your Food Fresh This Summer

The lovely people at Love Food Haste Waste have put together a plethora of information on their website about how to reduce food waste, I highly recommend you check them out, there’s food saving tips, the latest products, recipes and heaps of very helpful advice on how to reduce your food waste.

If you like the reusable, space saving, sliding fridge drawers in the picture above you can buy a set of four at

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  1. Love Foods… recommends using clingwrap. Clingwrap contains Bisphenyl-A, a powerful endocrine disrupter. I would not recommend using clingwrap. They also recommend using microwave ovens for cooking – is cooking in microwave ovens that good for our long-term health?

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      Hi Frida, we don’t recommend using cling wrap either, we recommend using a product such as Honey Wrap wraps. Many studies state that microwaves are ok, however there are some that say the opposite which is confusing. There are several diets that one is advised to be on if you have cancer that don’t recommend them using them at all. At home I use the microwave as little as possible and would not cook in it from scratch. Food Waste has some great articles – but be selective as to what you take away. Thanks for commenting.

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