How To Keep Your Tea Towels Clean

Not all that long ago, every few weeks, people used to boil their kitchen towels and dish cloths on the stove to get rid of bacteria and germs, this works really well, and is a natural option, but it’s by no means the easiest or safest way, we’ve come up with these toxin free tips to keep your tea towels towels and dish cloths hygienic, fresh and ready to use.

Tip 1: When not using your dish cloths and tea towels try to make sure they are hanging somewhere they can dry completely, one of the best places is by a kitchen window where the sun streams in.

Tip 2:  Every few days collect up your tea towels and give them a good soak in a bucket of warm water to which you have added 1/2 cup of Wendyl’s Soda Ash .. After an hour or so pour the water into your machine, set on warm and wash, then hang in the sun to dry.

Tip 3:  This tip is for cloths and sponges;  each night before going to bed soak them in hot water in a bowl to which you have added a good dash of Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar. In the morning simply rinse and use again.

Tip 4: Discourage your family from putting a cloth which has cleaned something quite substantial like a spillage back on the sink to be used. Throw it in a bucket in the laundry to be soaked and washed.

Tip 5: For hard to move stains make up a paste using Wendly’s Premium Oxy Bleach and a little water, put the paste on the stain and leave overnight then wash as usual.

Tip 6:  Every six months do an audit. Assign old and stained towels and cloths to the cleaning cupboard and buy yourself some new ones.



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  1. I find nappyshan or Janola works well. You don’t need a lot. I soak the dishcloths in it and then tip the remainder down the waste disposal to disinfect that.

    1. Post

      That’s a great idea, but do be wary of chlorine bleach as it doesn’t break down in the environment. Go for an oxygen bleach instead.

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