Israeli Couscous Salad With Burnt Orange Dressing

This is one of my favourite salad recipes, I’ve taken it along to many a shared lunch with rave reviews! It’s also a flavourful addition to the Christmas Day spread.

Israeli couscous is not actually couscous, it’s small pearled pasta, keep that in mind when storing left overs as the pasta will soak up any moisture so you’ll need to add more dressing to refresh it.

The roasted charred oranges and lemons really set this dish apart, roasting them accentuates their flavour and brings out the juice and natural sugars.

When ever I make this salad I triple the recipe to ensure I have enough to serve around ten people as a side dish, I also make extra roast citrus as they’re wonderful on just about everything.

If you’re not fond of sultanas you can use chopped dates instead and I like to use a blend of kumara, both yellow and orange as they have different textures. If you’re a butternut lover you can use that instead of kumara.

For the recipe follow this link to

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