In-ground Pet Poo Compost Bin

Last week I mentioned that we now have compostable poo bags available; these have had a great response with the first lot selling out in a few days, I also mentioned that they can go in the rubbish, which on further investigation is not a good idea as they’ll take many years to break down and need specific requirements to do so.

Composting them is by far the best way to dispose of the bags and pet waste.

However, putting them in your compost pile that’s headed for the veggie garden is not a good idea, the bacteria/pathogens that are in pet poo are not what you want on your vegetables.

The best way to dispose of the bags and their contents is to compost them in a bin created specifically for this purpose.

A lovely lady on our Facebook page told me about the inground composting system Ensopet by Zing Bokashi, pictured above. It costs $78.45 plus freight in NZ and comes with the starter that helps to break down the poo and return carbon to the soil whilst rebuilding it on a microbial level.

This system easily composts pet waste, that includes dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig poo. Once you burry it in the ground all you do is place in the poo, sprinkle on the starter and close the lid. It will take months to get full (depedning on what size animal you have) and when it does you can move it to another location, fill over the hole and that it!

No more bags and poo heading off to land fill – brilliant

I’m researching a DIY version of the in-ground composter and will post all the info here in the next couple of weeks. Triona


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