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How To Restore Brass Naturally

Brass looks lovely until it loses its shine. Here are some easy, natural ways to restore your brass to its former self.

Soak brass in a solution of 1 cup Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda and two litres of boiling water, Let it stand in the solution until it is cool, then give it a good rub to dry.

Wash well, then rub with a mixture of 1 1/2 tbsp of liquid soap, 2 1/2 tbsp double strength white vinegar and half a litre of water.

Brush the brass with a mixture of fine salt and double strength white vinegar vinegar made into a paste, then wash in soapy water, rinse and dry.

Dip half an onion or half a lemon in fine salt and rub on the brass. Wash afterwards, rinse, dry and shine.

Use Worcestershire sauce to clean, rinse, dry and shine.

After polishing brass, rub with a thin layer of beeswax, linseed oil, paraffin or Vaseline to preserve its shine.

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  1. I like the look of your products and have already bought a large premium grade vinegar to try on cleaning. When I first looked at the site there were recipes for using vinegar for getting bore water stain off toilets and other handy hints. Unfortunately I can’t find the ones I saw at that time. Can you help please? cheers, glenda

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