hand holding a sponge for washing car

How To Remove Sunscreen From Your Car’s Paintwork

hand holding a sponge  for washing car

You’ve put sunscreen on the kids, hopped in your car, got to the beach and opened the car door and noticed there are white sticky finger marks on your paintwork, eeeek what to do?

Sunscreen stains can be a problem on your paintwork, especially if you have a silver car, for some reason it’s harder to get them off silver paint.

If you leave them too long it can be next to impossible to remove them – until now.

How To Remove Sunscreen From Your Car’s Paintwork

As soon as you notice the smudges wipe them off as best you can, if you have our natural baby wipe solution in the car use it asap. Then as soon as you get home mix up a bucket of warm to hot soapy water and get a sponge to remove the stains, the longer you leave them on the harder it is to get them off.

I found that our Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Dish Wash was the best for doing this, about 1/4 cup of dish wash to half a bucket of water should do the trick.

If you have already left the sun block on and it’s hard to remove – on a silver car it can be seemingly impossible to remove – all is not lost.

Grab a common household eraser, these are magic for removing the stains in your car paint work from sunscreen!

Gently rub the sunscreen stain on your car with an eraser and watch it disappear.  Thanks to one of our customers for this handy tip!

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