How To Make Quinine

Quinine is best known as the bitter element in tonic water. In the past quinine has been used to help relieve muscle cramps and to reduce fever and apparently in Roman times it was also a treatment for Malaria.

This recipe for Quinine is made from grapefruit, you can take it as is, make it into a tea or mix it with soda for a refreshing drink.

I used the whole fruit in this recipe as I found the flavour was better and I didn’t want too much quinine in the tonic.

You can also make quinine with cinchona bark which can give you a very strong quinine that I don’t recommend as taking too much can be damaging. This recipe makes a weak quinine as the whole fruit is used.

If you ever feel a chest cold coming on or have a phlegmy cough taking a little quinine can help dislodge it. It is not however recommended to take large doses for long periods so stop taking it once you feel better.

How To Make Quinine

Take 2 large grapefruit and chop into small segments. Place in a pot and cover with water about 4 cm above the fruit. Put a lid on your pot and let simmer for about two hours without taking the lid off.

After two hours take the lid off and remove the large pieces of grapefruit, then add 3 tablespoons of Manuka honey and stir to dissolve. Let cool.

Once cool, strain well through a sieve and keep in a glass jar. Quinine will keep for a couple of months in the fridge.

You can take this tonic as is to help dislodge phlegm – have 1 tablespoon every few hours along with high doses of Vitamin C (1,000mg every two hours). Only do this for one day and if it does not help see your doctor.

You can also make a tea by adding a tablespoon to hot water and sipping. Have one or two cups a day.

For a refreshing soda add a tablespoon to soda water and garnish with mint. Have one or two glasses a day.

Do not take if you are sensitive to quinine, are taking heart medication or are pregnant. Do not take more than recommended.

The FDA does not recommended taking quinine for muscles cramps.