How To Clean Your Washing Machine

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Are you getting little brownish black spots on your sheets when they come out of the washing machine? If so, your machine could do with a really good clean. Even if you don’t have this problem, it’s a good idea to clean your washing machine every six months or so to keep it in great condition and prevent build up.

This recipe uses three of the best natural cleaners and essential oils, which when combined work very well to remove built up grime in your top loader.

Your machine probably came with instructions on how to clean it however these often call for bleach which I don’t recommend using. Bleach is a respiratory toxin which doesn’t effectively kill mould, it just whitens it whilst putting horrible toxins into the environment and your lungs.

This recipe is safe to use and very effective.

Top Loader Washing Machine Cleaner

2 Tbsp Premium Soda Ash

2 Tbsp Premium Borax

2 cups Double Strength White Vinegar

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Open your machine and remove the fabric softener dispenser, soak fully submerged in hot soapy water to soften any built up grime. Do this while you run through the first cycle to clean the rest of the machine. Once the grime has softened (about 15 minutes) scrub with a hard bristled brush to remove, then rinse.

Put the borax and soda ash directly into the middle part of the machine, then set it to the hottest setting using the least amount of water and turn on. If you have a cleaning cycle (newer machines do) use this cycle.

Get a long handled brush (a dish brush may work) and scrub any build up in the middle part of the machine.

In a glass jug, mix together the essential oils and the double strength white vinegar, pour this into the machine and run again on hot (or use the cleaning cycle again).

When done, pour white vinegar onto a cloth and give the inside of your machine and up under the seals a good wipe. You can use this combo to clean the outside of the machine as well, however, I’d use another clean cloth.

Put the fabric softener dispenser back in and you’re ready to use your clean machine.

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  1. In Otago we’re on water restrictions, like only hose before 8am or after 8 pm.
    Is it a good idea to recommend a Washing Machine Wash when water is so scarce. ? Don’t forget your Northland folk, that is a desperate area for water. It’s a wonder they can wash anything. Let alone a washing machine and “ fill it up “ gosh common sense sayes “ don’t do it “

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