silver and black coffee machine

How To Clean Your Coffee Machine With White Vinegar

silver and black coffee machine

Instead of using a harsh chemical cleaner to clean your coffee maker try using our Premium Double Strength White Vinegar instead.

If your coffee starts tasting strange, your brew takes longer than it used to, your machine is making odd noises or starts to spew coffee all over the place then your machine probably needs a clean.

Our water contains minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium which, over time, will leave residue in your machine that can clog it up. This will stop it working correctly. Giving your machine a good clean will sort out the issue.

Here’s how to clean your coffee maker with white vinegar.

First get rid of the coffee grounds – pop them in the garden, your plants will thank you.

Next fill the water reservoir half and half double strength white vinegar and hot water. Turn the machine on as if you are making coffee. Let it fun through a full cycle then repeat the process.

Once complete empty the pot and wash it very well in hot water that you have added dish wash too.

Also wash the coffee holder and if necessary use an old toothbrush to remove any residue from the basket.

To ensure there is no vinegar flavour fill the reservoir with clean, cold water and run the machine, repeat this again two more times.

Give the exterior of your machine a clean with a lint free cloth dipped in a solution of half and half vinegar and water, then buff it dry.

Use as usual.

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