How to clean your clothes dryer

For the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing DIY recipes on how to get odours out of shoes and clothes – especially useful this time of year when things can get a bit damp and musty.  We hang our clothes on the line to dry as much as possible, something that’s not always possible over the winter months when I have to resort to using the dryer.

After moving house and now having the dryer in a shared area I’ve noticed it’s smelling a little musty and kind of like old socks: not really a smell that I want permeating clean washed clothes. Time to give it a good clean and deodorise.

First make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the lint remover and any vents; remove all catchment parts, remove all lint by hand then vacuum with the brush attachment on your vacuum hose, if there’s still residue, rinse the part under warm water and let dry thoroughly before reattaching.

Next get Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar and pour about a tablespoon onto a clean cloth, run it around the inside of the dryer and under the rubber gasket seals (that seal the door) The vinegar will deodorise your clothes dryer, leave the door open until the smell of the vinegar has gone. I then put a couple of drops of Lemon Essential oil onto the air vent for a more pleasant smell when it’s going.

If you have a seriously bad smell, kind of like old socks and towels being left in there damp for a week, then you may need to go to the next level;

Make a solution of one part Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda to ten parts water, stir well until dissolved. Next get a couple of old full sized towels and soak in the mixture for about five minutes, squeeze excess water out and dry on high, they will absorb odors within the dryer as they dry.  You should now have a clean, good smelling clothes dryer that wont distribute odors throughout your freshly washed clothes.


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