steam cleaning blue couch

How To Clean Dirty Upholstery

Adapted from Wendyl’s book Recipes For A Cleaner Life

If you can borrow or rent a steam cleaner with an upholstery nozzle, that would be my first choice. You don’t have to add a commercial detergent; just using water and steam will do a great job.

However, if your piece of furniture is particularly soiled you may want to add a little non toxic liquid soap. Opt for a natural Castile such as our Green Goddess Unscented Castile Soap and follow the instructions on the machine.

Another method is to combine 1/4 cup of dish wash liquid, our Green Goddess Eucalyptus Dish Wash is perfect, and 1 cup warm water.

With a hand mixer, whip until a foam forms (the foam will look like whipped cream or pavlova and will have peaks).

Take some of this foam and test it on an unnoticeable area by applying the foam with a cloth or soft brush and lightly scrubbing.

Allow to dry. If the area looks the same but cleaner, you can go ahead and do the whole piece of furniture a small area at a time.

Use a scraper or spatula to lift off the dirty foam. If possible put the chair or couch outside on a fine day to dry completely but keep out of direct sunlight.

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