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How Wendyl’s Bluing Powder Works

Tired of yellow/grey tinted white sheets?  Return those expensive Egyptian cotton sheets to their former glory along with your shirts and undies by adding our concentrated Bluing Powder to your final rinse. Made from Premium Baking Soda and Prussian Blue pigment our Bluing Powder will give you whiter than white sheets in no time!

The way that the bluing process works is to swap yellow pigments for blue pigments and vice versa.

When we initially make our product it is blue, over time the blue pigment grabs the yellow pigment out of the baking soda so it looks yellow. When the product is diluted in LOTS of water, the baking soda dissolves away and the powder goes back to being blue and then attaches to the yellow pigments in the sheets, which is the first stage of the whitening process.

The second stage is when the sheets are left to dry in sunlight, the second part of the whitening process occurs at this stage, leaving your sheets with that nice crisp white finish.

Even if you dissolve the bluing powder in a cup of water you will not get blue water as that would stain your sheets. There’s only a little powder in each application as that’s all that is needed each time.

Our formula is highly concentrated, all you need is 1 tsp of bluing powder for a single sheet set, 2 tsp for double, queen or king. If sheets are really grey you may like to add 3 tsp.

**Must be added to final rinse when the tub is full to avoid staining**

Wash your sheets as normal UNTIL the final rinse. Once your machine has filled for the final rinse, add a tsp of bluing powder into your load. Once the wash cycle has completed, hang your sheets in sunlight to dry for the final part of the process to occur.

Be sure that the tub is full before adding bluing powder so that you don’t get blue splotches, if you have a front loader dissolve the powder in a cup of water before adding. If you don’t know when the final rinse starts on your machine starts you’ll need to time it.  Once you know how long it takes you can use an oven or phone timer so you know when to put the bluing powder in.

**Never soak your whites in bluing powder as you will get blue specks**

If you are struggling with getting to the rinse cycle at the right time or you have a front loader, one of our customers, Marilyn,  sent in this really good tip.

“With different sized loads of washing I never get back to it before the final rinse to put in the bluing powder.

Solution – do what my mother did (she’s 93 years old now).

Half fill the tub with cold water, and dissolve the bluing powder. After the final rinse and spin in the machine, remove anything that needs to go in the blueing, swish it around in the tub, lifting it up and down to get thoroughly wet, then drain and spin it again while you hang out the rest of the load that didn’t need bluing.”

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    1. Hi, You can try doing that, really depends on when your machine releases the dispenser. You’ll have to dissolve in water before putting it in the dispenser. Let us know how you get on 🙂

    1. Hi Jill, try soaking in our Green Goddess Natural-San or Nappy San from the supermarket – if that doesn’t work you may need to bleach them out – don’t usually advise to use bleach but may be the only way.

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