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Honeywrap Update

We’ve had great sales on the Honeywrap range for the past week, but quite a few questions too, so I thought it best to mention a few more fantastic things about them this week. Honeywraps are very easy to use, the wraps warm as you mould them and then seal when they cool again. Cleaning is also a breeze, I wipe mine clean with Wendyl’s Antibacterial Spray, or if they need a wash, I pop them into cold water and then wipe over with Wendyl’s Rose Foaming Soap, rinse and leave to air dry. Do not use warm or hot water, and  it’s best to keep them away from bright coloured sauces if you want them to stay pretty.
Honeywrap longevity is great as they last up to a year, (although mine have lasted well over this) considering regular use of cling wrap for one family can create 75m in plastic waste a year this is a big plus for the environment, and they come with a little seed pack of wildflowers to encourage bees. Personally, I am loving this product and am very happy to keep as much cling wrap away from my food as possible. Did you know that companies are not required to list what is in cling wrap? And the old box of Multix I am looking at states to avoid contact with hot fatty foods, particularly meat, which further leads me to believe there are a lot of unhealthy chemicals in there, even though the PVC and BPA have been removed.  If you’d like to know more about this Dr Weil has a bit to say on the matter here.
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