Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs


Not only can hemp be used in beauty products, textiles, food, and natural medicine—but hemp seed oil can be used as a dietary supplement for your dog, too! Hemp is perfectly safe for humans and animals alike, and because it has zero THC it is completely inert. Hemp seed oil has a variety of beneficial effects for dogs like joint lubrication, skin care, and coat conditioning.


Dogs must obtain omegas 3 and 6 from their food which makes hemp seed oil one of the most beneficial supplements. All they need is a teaspoon a day for a small to medium dog and two teaspoons for a medium to large dog, remember not to heat the oil, add it straight from the bottle. If you’re already feeding them a poultry-based diet don’t add hemp seed oil as chicken is quite high in polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acid and this will cause an imbalance.  To purchase our delicious hemp seed oil, click here.

Cruz loves hemp seed oil!



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  1. Hello wendyls i have a pet dog only 7 years young with advanced cancer the vet has only given her 2 weeks to live with nothing to give her can do operation but it wont help her and no other recomendations for alternative treatments she may need something stronger like oil??.

  2. Hi there
    I have been having a lot of issues with my Swiss White Shepherd with cyst, and quite oily skin. I have tried most thinks. But
    have just been advised that hemp oil may be worth a go. But just reading your comment on if you feed chicken meat products which I do, not every day but it is one of her main ingredients ( few she’s not allergic to) As well as orjien six fish biscuits. That maybe I may up set the balances. Or is this something you give at certain times. Thank You Dionne

  3. My dog has been having problems with a back leg. I’ve had him to the vet twice for it with no real solution, so I have decided that I would try hemp oil as I don’t want to keep giving hm anti inflammatories. However I do feed him some chicken rice and vegetables, that I cook myself, (1kilo dog chicken mince, 1 cup of rice and chopped potato and pumpkin) as part of every meal.. Probably about a cup each time. So what advice can you give me please?

  4. Hi Triona
    My 6,5 year old German Shephard has a skin allergy. For obvious reasons I don’t want to give him drugs and wondering if hemp oil can somehow help him. Vet prescribed soov cream for his itchiness but i know this is not gonna work for long time.
    Can you please advise if any organic hemp oil will work and how to use it to help my dog. Will be greateful for useful information.

    1. Hi Catherine, I give our dog Cruz hemp seed oil everyday, he also gets skin allergies and it does seem to help, I mix a teaspoon into his food. You can use any organic hemp seed oil 🙂 I find different times of the year are worse for Cruz’s allergies so it can be a bit hit and miss, taking him for a swim in the ocean also helps especially when it’s so humid out.

  5. Hi my girl eats only chicken as it is the only thing she can eat without ending up sick. Would that mean I can’t give her hemp seed oil at all?

    1. Hi, research states that chicken is quite high in polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acid so adding hemp seed oil can cause an imbalance. So no it’s best not too.

  6. Hi Triona

    I have a six year old male Doberman with wobblers, I’ve been told canine cbd would be good for him. What’s your advice please?

    1. Hi Janice, cbd is not legal in New Zealand unfortunately. When it is (hopefully) make sure you purchase a product that is made for dogs and do some research.

      1. Hi Janice, this post is written by our favourite holistic nutritionalist Natalie Brady, you’d have to contact Natalie to discuss any concerns – however I personally like her relaxed writing style. Triona

  7. Hi, my 11 year old Lab is suddenly (after an operation for dew claw amputation) showing signs of arthritis. Very mixed bag of symptoms and she has been on vet prescribed anti-inflams, but we’re not convinced these are helping and we think they are in fact making her neurotic mind worse (senility-wise). Would hemp seed oil be a good option and if so would it be good enough to actually take her off the vet prescribed meds?? Thanks so much.

  8. Hemp Seed Oil has been working out for our Coconut she’s a 16 year old border terrier mix. She was having a lot of anxiety and pain, but we didn’t want to give prescription medicine. After we came across this article we began our research and started with finding out if CBD Oil had any side effects. We found this really help article and now we’re buying CBD Oil every month. It’s definitely working and this was a wonderful article explaining the facts. If you’re curious here is the article that made us commit: https://pawselite.com/blogs/news/possible-side-effects-for-cbd-hemp-oil-for-dogs-and-cats-side-effect

    1. Hi Sue, thanks so much for sharing your experience with Coconut, so good the CBD is helping. Great article 🙂

  9. HI,
    Our dog has allegy issues, believe with grasses, already giving coconut oil and fish oil, on half chicken frame morning and night, and alcana dog food (fish based diet) -removed off all beef, wheat and gluten just in case not barley, and was going to get the hemp oil, but I believe we might be actually after cbd oil, but noted we can’t get it in still to nz, is that true? So if we were to order and pay for some overseas (via web), customs would remove it?
    kind regards

    1. Hi Liz, hemp seed oil does help with allergies and may be a good idea to try first although I’d do some research on dose considering you are feeding chicken. If the hemp seed doesn’t help you could then try CBD and take a chance with customs as they may stop it being imported. We are about to start selling a smaller bottle 220ml of hemp seed oil that is grown in NZ for $22.95. Will be up on our site tomorrow.

  10. Hi Triona

    Thank you for writing the article. Just to let you know that we have started to sell a local product at http://www.cbdoilpets.co.nz
    Happy to send you a bottle to try for yourself or anyone you know. We are trying to collect more stories to share as the response so far has been great.

    Thank you
    (sorry posted twice, not sure if my original one came through!)

    1. Hi Warick, yes please do send us a bottle so we can try it with our spoodle Cruz, he has a wee bit of separation anxiety and gets skin allergies. We are often asked where to get CBD for pets so would love to help get the word out.

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