Great Uses For Coffee Grounds

Instead of throwing out your coffee grounds, collect them and put them to good use around the home. You can also ask your local cafe for some next time you order a coffee to save them being thrown out.

Here’s a selection of ways you can use them at home.

Use as a body scrub. Mix a cup of coffee grounds with a little olive oil to make a paste and rub all over your body to get rid of dead skin.

Pour coffee grounds on the soil around the base of your roses or azaleas.

Make a dye for colouring paper or give some material a light cream colour. Soak 2 cups of grounds in a bucket of hot water until it is nice and dark. Strain then put the material in the bucket to soak overnight, stirring often. Rinse out in salted water to hold the dye. For paper simply paint the coffee stain over it and leave to dry.

Use coffee grounds to add extra abrasion when cleaning the bottom of a metal pot or pan.

Add to your compost pile for added nitrogen.

Place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or freezer to neutralise odours.

Mix coffee grounds with water or coconut oil and scrub for 10 minutes twice a week on areas of your body affected by cellulite.

Exfoliate your scalp with coffee grounds, this can help remove buildup and dead skin cells.


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