Get Rid Of Blackspot

Did you know that you can get rid of black spot on your rose bush leave with onion skins? This tried and true tip is from Wendyl’s book Recipes For A Cleaner Life

An old-fashioned remedy is to save brown onion skins then place them around the base of the rose bushes with a little compost on top.

Within a month the black spot will have disappeared.

Several customers have tried this method and were impressed with the results. Hope it works for you too.


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  1. Have you tried this; do you know anyone who has? Perhaps your tip might be better written as a myth, rather than as a definite cure. Possibly it may work, but where’s the proof please?

    Many gardeners waste a lot of time following old seemingly useful ideas, when in fact they are just hearsay passed down again and again.

    1. Post

      Many of our customers have tried this and were very impressed by the results, you can see the most recent comments on our Facebook page. This is a tried and true tip from Wendyl’s most popular book. I have updated the post to reflect this 🙂 Thanks for your concern.

  2. This totally works. I put the onion peels out a week ago and just about all the black spot has gone already. Amazing, I wonder if I could just chop up actual onions?

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