fungi and bacteria

Fungi and Bacteria lurking in our homes

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Even though I own a company that makes cleaning products, I am a big fan of understanding and embracing the thousands of microbes and fungi that we live with in our homes. Natural cleaners like ours do not kill all the microbes in our environment, which I think is important. I was fascinated to read this study which looked at the thousands of fungi and bacteria in our homes. I love this quote from the study’s author Rob Dunn: “In the next decade you will likely hear claims of every ilk about the microbial life around you and what we have understood. People will offer to sell you microbes that allow you to live until you are 200 years old. People will offer to kill microbes that are preventing you from living to 200. People will sell you underpants with probiotics or antibiotics. People will claim to have understood Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases that haunt modern society. It is already happening. When you hear these claims it is worth remembering that in your house, in our collective homes, dwell more than a hundred thousand species, most of which have not yet been studied, ever, in any way.”

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