vegan show pic, Lucas, Triona, PJ and Nadine

Fun at the Vegan Food Fair


Wow, what a fantastic day we had at the Vegan Food Fair!  We met so many caring, aware, animal and earth loving people, all there to try new products and eat as much amazing vegan food as possible and they weren’t disappointed, the food was absolutely delicious. One of the highlights of the day for Grant and I was working with our kids PJ and Lucas, and our newest team member, my sister Nadine, we couldn’t have done it without their hard work and enthusiasm.  If you’re interested and didn’t make it along this time, there’s another one in Auckland on November 6th.  which will be bigger and better than the first one.

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  1. Hi, I really want to attend the second vegan food fair but I can’t find a website confirming it & it’s location. Could you possibly let me know of any websites?

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