From Juicing To Smoothies

This week our guest blog is from Gregor & Merryn at Bushlore Herbal. It’s a light-hearted, informative piece about their nutritional journey from juicing to smoothies, how to grow wheatgrass and the importance of detoxing the liver.

I highly recommend giving their six-week liver detox a go, it’s a great way to kick start your liver into action for the rest of 2019.

A good way to start the day nutritionally is with juicing or smoothies

Our juicing past…

We started juicing 20 years ago with the iconic Greenstar juicer that crushes, not masticates veggies/fruit – with its redeeming feature (hell to wash!) being – it juiced fresh wheatgrass

For anyone who is wanting to support effective detoxing and nutrition…juicing is a great way to quickly and easily get good nutrition into your body – especially good for fussy kids!

We juiced: carrots, apples, beetroot as a base, spinach, then added lemons, root ginger, fresh wheatgrass etc

I used to grow wheatgrass in trays in our greenhouse and pick daily for juicing…but once I started teaching full time that system went out the window…to the point where I started buying wheatgrass powder from health food stores.

Personally, I don’t believe that you get the same nutritional benefit from a powdered product as you do from the ‘real’ thing” especially when you can control how you grow your wheatgrass.

The present…

Once teaching … juicing became too time consuming and the incredible ‘nutri-bullet’ had arrived on the scene – so smoothies replaced this every-morning ‘nutritional’ ritual in our house

We used: frozen/fresh berries, kale/spinach, kefir, banana, other seasonal fruit, hemp oil, root ginger, root turmeric, lemons, soaked whole nuts, wheatgrass powder and Nutrient Rescue Red Shots  or Vital Reds (

Now I’m pondering…

So coming back home to help Gregor run Bushlore Herbal Co, I again had more time to set back up some of the systems that lay waste during my teaching years… fresh wheatgrass being one

I am using my old Greenstar juicer (many cheaper options on the internet these days) to juice a tray of wheatgrass at a time, and then pour the wheatgrass juice into ice cube trays…freeze them and I am now adding wheatgrass ice cubes to my smoothies – thinking that fresh wheatgrass organically grown and fed with sea salts and seaweed is more nutritious than in powdered form.

It also saves time as I am juicing a whole tray at once (you can also juice beetroots or carrots with the wheatgrass) and then freeze it in ice cube trays for future use.

I did try to run fresh wheatgrass through our Nutribullet as part of a smoothie mix but it was stringy and didn’t mix properly.

For some delicious nutritious smoothie recipes try this website.

Here’s how to grow your own wheatgrass…

You’ll need a seed tray

Good quality seed raising mix

Organic wheat or barley

Ocean solids, fish fertiliser and/or rock solid – wheatgrass will be as nutritious as what you feed it as it grows – check out Wally’s gardening products at:

Fill seed tray with seed raising mix. Spread thickly the wheatgrass/barley seed so it almost covers the raising mix.

Finely cover the seed with the rest of the raising mix and water (include your additives if any to the water)

Leave in a sheltered place away from birds!  –  water every day but don’t over water, a spray bottle works well.

When the growth reaches around 13 cm it’s ready to harvest, cut what you need each day and continue to water the rest that’s still growing. It will only sprout once so it’s a good idea to have a few trays going in succession.

For all the info on wheat grass check out this article The Wonders Of Wheat Grass

Dare yourself to do a six week liver detox rebuild programme

Your liver replaces most of its cells within six weeks. This creates a great opportunity to detox and rebuild your liver.


All you need to is stop or restrict coffee, alcohol, sugar/caffeine drinks and smoking for 6 weeks.

Detox existing toxins that have built up over time in your liver and other elimination organs with Detox-immune herbs and Super-Antioxidant liposomal Vitamin C product.

Follow a regime of juicing and/or smoothies to replace nutrients to help rebuild healthy liver cells.

The majority of people will have more energy, feel invigorated, sleep better and have a stronger immune system.


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