Freeze Those Avocados

Avocado season is in full swing, and we saw some super deals when we were on the road over the holidays: $5.00 for five avocados, or even better, $10.00 for fifteen. However, all the avos were ripe and had to be used as soon as possible.

As much as we love avocados, there’s only so many you can eat at once. Did you know you can freeze them? Avocados freeze well for several months if properly sealed in containers or bags.

All you have to do is remove the stone and scoop the flesh into freezer-safe containers and freeze. Or you can slice them in half, remove the stone, and freeze them in well sealed environmentally friendly bags or a pouch from Kai Carriers.

To make sure they last the distance sprinkle or brush over a little lemon-juice as this helps to prevent the exposed area from going brown. Once frozen take out what you need and reseal the container.

Frozen avocados are delicious in smoothies along with your frozen bananas, make a cooling refreshing drink by adding coconut water, kale, berries and Raw Manuka Honey.

Update: The flavour does change slightly when frozen, I found they are best scooped out and chopped up before freezing. One of our FB followers suggested this tip … Make the avocado’s into guacamole and then freeze; the taste and consistency are pretty much the same when you thaw it out.


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