Food industry’s darkest secrets revealed


I’ve been a bit of a bore this week as I’ve been unable to talk about anything else except a book calledSwallow This – serving up the food industry’s darkest secrets, by Joanna Blythman.
Joanna is a UK food investigative journalist, and like me, has a deep interest in what is being put in our processed foods. For this book she goes undercover to the Food International show where there is no food but lots of companies who make fake food and additives.
What she discovers is worth knowing and even though I do this work every week for the NZ Herald I learned so much more from her book. Like the fact that producers are fast attempting to change the classification of many of their harmful ingredients from ingredients to “processing agents”, which means they don’t have to put them on the label. One of these processing agents is a mixture of acids which they dip fresh fruit in to stop it browning and decaying so that when you buy a tub of “fresh” fruit salad it could actually be up to 10 days old.
If you’re interested, have a look atthis excerpt in the Guardian and ask your local bookshop to get it in for you. It’s published by Harper-Collins.


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