Flynn’s Compostable Poo Bags

A few weeks ago we were walking our dog Cruz along Takapuna Beach and came across a very industrious young man and his Dad raising awareness about compostable poo bags. 

We were very impressed with the information they were sharing, and noticed they also sold the bags – so we decided to put them on our site at only $4.00 a roll of 15, I’ve seen similar bags elsewhere for $25.00 for 4!

Buy them here.

Flynn’s home compostable cornstarch pet poo bags break down after approximately fourteen weeks in your home compost! So please compost them.

If they do end up in the rubbish it will take considerably longer for any degrading to happen as the bags need microorganisms (faeces), heat, oxygen and moisture to react and totally decompose.

Composting is the best way to dispose of compostable bags.

This is not the case for biodegradable poo bags, composting is not the best way, most are still made from forms of plastic and will “eventually” decompose which can take a hundred years (some may never fully break down leaving micro-plastics behind). For more information on biodegradable versus compostable plastics click on this link.

When composting, keep in mind pet waste should not be used in your vegetable garden as dog poo can contain pathogens/bacteria. Compost separately and use on non-edible gardens only.


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