Female Hormone Imbalance

As I creep closer to 50 I’ve noticed my mood is not quite as stable as it used to be around THAT time of the month. I tend to get a bit grumpy and am easily upset which is not fun for the rest of the family, or me, as I feel like a slightly crazy, mad, lady for about five days.

Last week I was sent a very informative article from Gregor & Merryn at Bushlore Herbal that discusses female hormone imbalance. I’ve seen Gregor (who is brilliant) a few times and have been taking Bushlore’s Super Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C and Detox-Immune herbal mix for the last few months, I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in my energy levels and general wellbeing.

As of last week I’ve been taking their *Female Balance herbal mix and am feeling very positive that it’s going to help my mood in a couple of weeks time when it usually plummets.

If you’re experiencing similar symptoms take a read of this article that includes self care advice on how to balance your hormones.

The Endocrine Gland System

The ovarian hormonal imbalance is largely controlled by the endocrine gland system. A woman’s’ body has an incredible messaging network. The messaging starts at the hypothalamus part of the brain, which then signals the pituitary gland, the thyroid, adrenals and also the ovaries. Quite often, women with hormonal problems have a depressed thyroid and adrenal function.

Toxic Overload

There is also a bio-feedback mechanism that occurs directly from the liver to the ovaries. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, they overflow into the bloodstream, These toxins get into and affect the hypothalamus (which does not have as good a blood brain barrier as the rest of the brain). This causes the hypothalamus to partially shut down, changing its signalling to the pituitary, and hence the hormonal messaging to the ovaries.

Another common way that female hormones become unbalanced is that they do not switch around after pregnancy – from carrying baby to feeding baby.

Liver and Brain Detox

The way to heal this properly is to have an effective liver and brain detox – usually once the toxins are removed from the hypothalamus and any damage done to it rectified, then the endocrine system rebalances.

Overproduction of Estrogen

If there is a long standing history of hormonal imbalance (usually overproduction of estrogen) then cells can start mutating off this. The mutant cells then tend to take over the ovaries and force them to produce the hormone that they want. In effect this prevents the hormones rebalancing.

Bushlore Recommendation

I use the Female Balance herbal combination with the Super Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C to help balance the hormones.  I would also bring in the Detox Immune herbal mix to detox the brain and body to help flush toxins from the body from balancing.

There are several ways that you can help yourself:

Create a balanced lifestyle where there is room for both work and pleasure

Become conscious of removing and replacing plastic from your lives – A very freeing experience! – By doing this it will also help reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens which try to imitate estrogen, interrupting our hormone balance.

Maintain a healthy diet free from estrogen-mimicking herbicides/pesticides – growing your own fruit and veges is a life-journey of its own! Eat plenty of greens that are bountiful in  di-indolylmethane – brassicas, collards, leafy greens, even brussel sprouts!

Be mindful of those times where we drink too much coffee and alcohol – everything in moderation is best

Use only natural make-up and skincare ranges – keep it simple

Get plenty of quality sleep – if sleeping is an issue, try meditating before bed, or drinking relaxing teas e.g chamomile – this gives your body time to restore and repair itself.

Childhood Trauma

If a women has experienced a major trauma in childhood, this can override any healing effects to rebalancing of the hormone system. Sometimes these traumas are partially or completely blanked out of the client’s conscious memory, but are held in the body.

Bushlore runs an emotional programme that helps people to access and process major hidden traumas from childhood.

*Female Balance ingredients 

TATA – Metrosideros robusta
RIMU – Dacrydium cupressinum
TATARAMOA – Rubus cissoides
MAUKU – Hymenophyllum dilatatum
POHUTUKAWA – Metrosideros excelsa


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