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Exercises For A Peaceful Mind

This week lifestyle blogger Stella Green Thompson has shared exercises you can do mindfully to promote mental and physical health in a busy world.

“Our daily lives are filled with stress and obligations and it can be difficult to feel at peace. As our lives become more hectic we often forget to blow off some steam, relax and devote time to our physical and mental health.

That is why more and more people are turning to mindful living. We all seek peace and ways to reduce stress on a daily basis, and here are a few tips on how you can do it.”

Mindful Breathing

Sometimes, we even forget how to “breathe”. Breathing is probably the simplest mindfulness exercise, and it can practically be done anywhere and everywhere. Practice mindful breathing for 15 minutes a day and bring some peace to your mind and relax your body. It can be a great form of solace in the middle of a chaotic day.

You can use mindful breathing as a type of meditation at home, in an elevator or at the office while waiting for a client, at your office desk, in your car, or wherever you find some peace and quiet and a bit of extra time. There is no spatial and temporal limit when it comes to this, simply breathe in and out deeply whenever you feel the need.

Mindful Walking

Nothing’s better for a peaceful mind and relieving stress than spending some time in nature. However, we do walk everywhere every day, but we rarely pay attention to the world around us and we are too focused on things that stress us out.

When walking, try focusing on the things around you, instead of thinking about work or the place where you’re supposed to arrive. Be present in the moment and look at people and things that are happening. You can even schedule weekly walks through the park, forest or any other nature nearby and simply listen to the sounds, feel the breeze and sun and simply observe.

You can even turn these walks into light jogging and get the best out of your day out. However, make sure to bring some equipment with you if you’re going to jog, such as comfy shoes, Rockay socks, and plenty of water.

Mindful Cycling

This is another great activity that you can make mindful and bring more inner peace to yourself. If you cycle to work, make sure to really pay attention to your surroundings and listen to the city and people. Better yet, you can take your whole family for a cycling afternoon and spend some quality time together, while enjoying the sun and nature.

You can really contribute to the environment and save money on gas if you cycle. And helping our planet is always a good thing to do because when you know you are helping your mind will be more at peace. Not to mention how cycling is a great exercise.

Mindful Hiking

Just like with taking a walk, your mind will appreciate some mindful hiking in order to relieve stress. Find a nice route through the forest, hill or any other place available, get your gear and head out. Make sure to have some snacks and water, comfy hiking shoes and you are all ready!

You can even include the whole family and have some fun in nature together, while getting some exercise and de-stressing your mind. Also, let everyone know that they are supposed to enjoy this hike, remind them to turn on all their senses and simply be present. The omnipresent colour green will help you think about things in a more calm way and it will provide balance.

Mindful Yoga

Last but not least, you should start doing yoga. Not only is this exercise great for your body, but breathing and light stretching and exercising will bring you to peace.

Practicing yoga requires you to be present in the moment in order to fully stretch and do the exercises properly. Even if your mind does drift off, if you focus on your breath it will bring you back into the now. There is always at least 15 minutes free in your day when you can do a few yoga poses.

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Don’t let the hectic days and stress at work get to you. We need peace in order to stay sane and healthy and to get through the days easier and happier.

Devote time to finding your inner peace through mindful living and exercising. Don’t be afraid to let go for a while, and everything will get better.


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