Eco Electric Blanket Recycling

Yes, I know I have used “eco” and “electric blanket” together in the same sentence. Of course electric blankets are certainly not very eco, however many of us grew up using one, and may still have an old blanket stashed away in the linen cupboard that needs getting rid off.

Amanda Chapman, aka @amandawastefree ,explains how to recycle and upcycle your electric blanket.

Eco Electric Blanket Recycling

Instead of throwing your old electric blanket out deconstruct it!

Pull out the wires, remove the cord and plug and drop off to your local e-waste recycling center.

Keep the ties and reuse in your garden or in sewing projects.

Wash the woollen blanket and either use it as an underlay, donate it to the SPCA (or other local pet rehoming facility) or cut it up for sewing projects or use to stuff soft toys.

The tag and plastic connector will be the only bits that are heading to landfill (unless you have another way to reuse them, we’d love to know).

This only took me about 10mins to deconstruct, I’ve saved majority of it from landfill and have made it into useful/valuable resources.

You can find an E Waste recycling center in your area on Google.