Eco Boutique

Are you looking for a range of cruelty-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural make up products that are readily available in NZ?

Eco Boutique believes in bringing you a local selection of affordable,  conscious, clean beauty products that are great for your skin. Their products are fragrance free, non toxic and where ever possible in recycled and sustainable packaging. Your skin is the largest organ of your body that takes in about 60% of the products you put on it. Choosing healthy, natural products will help to look after both you and the world around you.

All About Eco Boutique

From Eco Boutique founder Anna Jobsz …

“I believe that clean beauty is the best way to make women feel beautiful about themselves and the world around them. I started using natural, non toxic beauty products after I suffered from alopecia in my early 30’s which meant changing from generic, chemical fuelled brands to natural and nourishing brands of cosmetics. Within a year of doing this my hair had grown back and my skin had improved. I didn’t realise that 60% of the chemicals we wear on our skin soaks into our bloodstream…and I’ve never looked back!”

Unlike conventional products that tend to be filled with chemicals and synthetic preservatives, our all-natural range is free of artificial ingredients common in everyday items. These products are great for those prone to allergies and skin sensitivities.


Natural Mineral Bronzer, Blush, Concealer & Highlighter

Discover the best mineral blush today and treat your skin to natural beauty. This product is available in two versatile colours: a popular dusty pink shade with a mild iridescent glow, Dreamtime, Lolly is our pinker blush, and a bestselling Earth tone, Uluru. The mineral blush pairs perfectly with the natural mineral bronzer to create a subtle shimmer. This semi-matte bronzer works for all skin types and contains natural SPF. The illuminating powder works with all skin types to create a radiant look without adding color like a blush and bronzer.

Their Eco Minerals concealer is a favourite for acne, blotchy skin, and tired eyes. The light shade is recommended for fair, light, or medium skin tones. The medium shade works best with medium, tanned, or deeper skin tones. Try our Alchemy Hi-Light Crème to brighten your skin and highlight your cheekbones for a natural, no makeup look.

Mineral Based Eyeshadow & Vegan Mascara

Browse our collection of all-natural eye makeup products for affordable mineral makeup online! Our cruelty free and vegan mascara from Eco Minerals is made with natural oils. This mineral mascara is available in a deep chocolate brown or midnight black. Gentle on your eyes, this mascara will nourish your lashes for a softer and more vibrant look.

Our mineral-based eyeshadow is available in eight stunning colours to match your eyes and style. These products are gentle on eyes and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can easily blend colours together for a bolder look, enhanced eye makeup. See recommendations on eyeshadow mixing within the product descriptions. Treat your skin to naturally formulated, lasting eye makeup by Eco Minerals. Your eyes deserve it. Eco Mineral cosmetics eye colours are designed to accentuate your gorgeous eye area and blend with other pure mineral colours.

Whether you want a dramatic makeup look or subtle daytime make up, there is something for everyone. These are 100% pure minerals with no fillers, chemicals or other additives so the colours are really dense and rich. They can be used with a wet brush for a deeper, bolder eye colour or sweep dry across the eyelid for a beautiful even finish. Coco is a great darker ‘accent’ shade to blend with your other mineral eye colours, or for your eyebrows which is easily applied using your duo brush.

For a beautiful eye liner try Black Magic using a wet brush which has a gorgeous iridescent black finish that will catch the light at night. Indian Summer is our most popular selling eye product and looks great applied over your mineral foundation or teamed up with Sunset Rose as an accent. Safari Gold is a striking colour on its own or blends easily with most other eye colours.

Choose your perfect foundation

Discover your true colour match with Eco Minerals Foundation in 12 shades. This mineral based powder foundation is available in two types: Flawless and Perfection foundation. Both natural mineral foundations are made with 100 percent pure minerals, vegan and ethical sources from Byron Bay, which gives a natural SPF24. Eco Minerals is certified cruelty free, and comes in eco-friendly packaging. Or try our Oh2Glow liquid foundation in 6 shades. It’s an award winning formulation that glides onto the skin with ease and leaves you with a soft radiant finish.

Eco Boutique is a local New Zealand company who ship anywhere in New Zealand at affordable prices. Click here to see their list of tutorials.