Easy Grapefruit And Lemon Marmalade

So many ripe lemons and grapefruit, BUT what to do with the excess? Try making this very easy marmalade. No peeling required – just chop and go! I like to substitute some of the sugar with Earthbound Raw Manuka Honey which gives a lovely flavour and produces a thick gooey marmalade.

The secret to making great jam is to get it up to 110 degrees Celsius and leave it on the boil until setting point has been reached. This will vary depending on what fruit you use and how much pectin is in that fruit; grapefruits and lemons have a fair amount so you won’t need to boil them as long.

To test if your marmalade is going to set, put a small amount on a chilled plate and allow to cool, then gently drag your finger from the outside of the cooled marmalade towards the centre. If the surface wrinkles the setting point has been achieved.

It’s not a good idea to double this recipe as there’ll be too much to cook down making it difficult to get the temperature right for setting (you can end up with a rubbery consistency). If you want to make more jars it’s best to repeat the process.

Easy Grapefruit And Lemon Marmalade 

2 large grapefruit
1 large lemon
1.75 litres of water
Sugar & Raw Manuka Honey (Earthbound is great)

For the best marmalade you’ll need a wide pot with maximum surface area. Finely chop up the grapefruit and lemon (you can remove the pips but it’s not necessary) skin and all, into little pieces about 1cm in size.  Make sure you collect the juice as you go, put the lot into a bowl covered with the water. Leave overnight (smells gorgeous) then in the morning put everything into your wide pot and boil for 45 minutes until it goes a bit pulpy and soft.

Let cool a little and then pour back into the bowl. For each cup of pulp add 3/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup Earthbound Raw Manuka Honey put back into the pot and boil briskly until it reaches setting point. To test this, take a spoonful out and put on a cold saucer. When you run your finger through the puddle there should be a clear channel left which doesn’t fill up.

Pour into sterilised jars (you can do this by washing well and putting into the oven on 110 degrees C for 10 minutes. Boil lids in a pot of boiling water for the same time.) This makes enough for about six 250ml jars.

Bottom photo credit Charles Deluvio

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  1. Made some today for our bed and breakfast business – turned out great – honey makes it different and a point of difference to the normal marmalade

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