DIY Wrinkle Relaxer Spray

This spray can be used on moderately wrinkled clothes when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to iron. It will help the wrinkles drop out so that you can put the items on without the need for a dryer, steamer, or iron.

If you have very creased clothes, sheets, or linen, use the spray in conjunction with an iron for best results. It only uses three ingredients, is very quick to make, and great to keep on hand for wrinkle emergencies.

DIY Wrinkle Relaxer Spray

2 cups Warm filtered water

1 tsp Wendyl’s Lavender Laundry Liquid 

1 Tbsp Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar

Measure out the warm water into a pyrex jug or similar then add the laundry liquid, stir well to dissolve the liquid into the water as much as possible, add the white vinegar and stir again. The smell of the vinegar will disappear once your clothes are dry.

Pour into a clean spray bottle and shake very well. You’ll need to do this each time you use the spray.

To use

Without ironing: Get your wrinkled t-shirt or other item of clothing, pull the fabric taught across the area where the wrinkles are, spray gently, don’t soak, run your hands over the area ensuring ti’s completely flat and let dry.

To use with ironing: Spray liberally onto any fabric that has deep set wrinkles, iron pressing down firmly as you go, redo if necessary.


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