DIY Varnished Wood Cleaner


Cleaning varnished wood surfaces with soap will cause them to look old and worn before their time, and using commercial wood cleaners and polishes can work well, but most contain harsh chemicals that are toxic. This is especially concerning if you’re cleaning a table where little ones eat or play.

Instead, whip up this simple varnished wood cleaner by combining Green Goddess Green Goddess Hemp Seed Oil and Wendyl’s Premium Double Strength White Vinegar with water and essential oil.

DIY Varnished Wood Cleaner

1 tablespoon Wendyl’s Premium Double Strength White Vinegar

2 tablespoons of Green Goddess Hemp Seed Oil

800ml of warm water

4 drops your choice of essential oil

Spray bottle

Hemp Seed Oil is fantastic at protecting surfaces, you can use it on varnished wood or stained wood, it will add a nice shine while moisturising.

Double Strength White Vinegar cuts through any greasy, grimy marks that are on varnished surfaces, it’s also disinfecting and will kill germs. If you use regular supermarket white vinegar it won’t clean or disinfect as well as it’s only 4.9% or less.

To clean your varnished wooden surfaces, combine all the ingredients in the spray bottle, shake well and spray over the surface then dry with a soft cloth. For the essential oil you can use your favourite; I like to use sweet orange essential oil in this recipe as it helps mask the vinegar smell.


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