DIY super Citrus Spray cleaner being made in jars

DIY Citrus Super Spray Cleaner

DIY super Citrus Spray cleaner being made in jars

There’s a plethora of citrus around at the moment, we are juicing several lemons a day and eating a lot of mandarins and oranges, which means a whole heap of peel.

One inventive way to use them is to make a super charged spray cleaner that will stop germs dead in their tracks.

The more peel you use in this recipe the more citrusy your spray will be. I used our double strength white vinegar for this recipe – it’s super strong making it a powerful cleaner.

Be careful using this on some surfaces as both citrus and vinegar are very acidic. Do not use it on hardwood floors, wood furniture, marble, granite or stone surfaces. It’s much safer to use our Green Goddess Citrus Spray Cleaner on those types of surfaces as it’s made with essential oils and no white vinegar.

DIY Super Citrus Spray Cleaner

For this cleaner you’ll need a good sized jar and a whole bunch of citrus peels, I did two varieties as I had so many and wanted to test both scents. After using both I like the orange one the best.

All you have to do is cut or rip up the peels and place them into the jar, then cover with double strength white vinegar, leave for about 10 days – the longer the stronger the citrus smell will be.

Once you are happy with the scent (it will still be quite vinegary) strain and put into a spray bottle to use.

You can purchase glass spray bottles here.