DIY Shimmer Spray

Summer’s here, and so are shorts and skirts and swimsuits. This always catches me somewhat unprepared; I have to rummage around my wardrobe to find what I was wearing last summer (that I seem to have completely forgotten about) and see if everything still fits and looks okay.

This year a quite a few items had to go, but I was lucky enough to replace them with some fantastic finds at the local Greenhithe second hand shop. For only $8.00 I got two pairs of tailored shorts, a pair of 3/4 white jeans, and a pair of perfectly fitting Levi jeans! This is clothes upcycling at it’s best. My legs, however, are not looking their best, the luminous pale glow is not doing my op shop purchases, or me, any favours.

I spent the rest of the day on Saturday researching and making an instant bronze shimmer spray. This lovely shimmer spray will give a hint of colour and a moisturised glow; it’s one that you can apply quickly and easily with no greasy mess. I put mine in a little spray bottle that fits in my handbag for an on-the-go sheen.

 To get a bronze sheen perfect for applying to arms and legs, choose a bronze-brown-gold shade such as Mica Coffee which is $5.00 for 10g from Pure Nature. If you’re using bio glitter you’ll get a more sparkly effect were as the mica’s will give more of a sheen. I used a Mac Pigment Powder in Tan that I’ve had in my make up bag for years (from my previous life as a Make Up Artist), it’s a very shiny bronze and gave a lovely colour to my skin when mixed into this recipe and sprayed on.
 DIY Shimmer Spray*

2ml Neroli Essential Oil – or another oil of your choice

40ml Vodka

40ml Jojoba Oil

10ml Filtered water (optional)

1 tbsp Bio Glitter or Mica you can buy both here 


Mix the alcohol and essential oil together so that the scent will be evenly mixed in the alcohol upon application.

Next add the water (if you choose to add it, I took it out in my second try which worked well) and oil, give it a stir and then add your mica/bio glitter and stir really well to combine. This will seperate so make sure you shake it well before spraying it on each time. This recipe makes around 80ml.

I’d recommend keeping away from white/pearly powders as they won’t show up that well when sprayed in a mist and can have blue undertones.

*This spray contains oil so will speed up burn time when out in the sun.


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  1. This sounds fab. Thank you. You refer to mixing the oil and water. Is “water: a reference to the alcohol/essential oil mix or is there a measure of water missing from the ingrediants?

    1. Post

      Hi Claire, my first attempt had water but it separated too much so I took it out – it’s optional (and I forgot to update the rest of the post) will do that now. Triona

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