DIY Liquid Stain Remover With Hydrogen Peroxide

This stain remover works on practically every stain imaginable: food, grease, most grass stains, mud, coffee etc. I’ve found it’s more effective and easier to make than the magic stain ball recipe I shared a few weeks ago.

Whip up a jar of stain remover and keep it handy in your laundry. Apply a little directly onto the stain, give the area a gentle rub and leave to sit for around fifteen minutes, then wash as usual.

DIY Liquid Stain Remover

1 Tbsp Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda

4 Tbsp Green Goddess Organic Eucalyptus Dish Wash

8 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide 3% – buy this at your local pharmacy

Here’s how to make it

Put all of the ingredients in a small jar, put the lid on and shake until combined.

Apply directly to the stain and rub gently with your finger, a piece of fabric or an old soft bristled bamboo toothbrush. 

Allow stain remover to sit for at least 15 minutes, or up to an hour depending on how bad the stain is. Wash normally and redo the process if necessary.

Always check your garment for colour fastness before using on your stain, it should not take the colour out of the fabric but do a small test to be sure.


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  1. Hi this is all new to me. I’m looking forward to reading your recipes all ready I’m looking forward to making the stain remover

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