DIY Hair Brush Cleaner


Hairbrushes can harbour an array of unwanted stuff that’s lingering in between bits of hair and old product; dirt, oils, dust and sometimes even dust mites and bacteria can all be in there. When you brush with a hairbrush that’s not clean you are re-depositing all of this back into your hair, not really the best thought.

Cleaning your hair brush regularly will prevent the build up and it will ensure your brush lasts longer and continues to work just as well as when you bought it. I’ve found giving my brush a really good clean every few weeks can prolong it’s life for up to a year, that also means I’m creating less waste and saving my dollars too.

Here’s how to do it …

Get a pair of scissors and cut in between the rows of bristles, missing two rows each time, then use the handle of a teasing comb, or a pen to gently lift the hair out.

Make a mixture of 3 cups hot water with 3 Tbsp Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda and 2 Tbsp Dish Wash Liquid, stir well to combine and place your brush in to soak for about a minute, no longer as you don’t want to damage the brush.

Lift out and scrub your brush with another brush, I used an old dish brush and then an old tooth brush for the smaller areas, this worked really well and I was only left with a few remaining hairs. Once you’ve removed all the build up rinse your brush under warm water, give it a good shake and pat with a towel and leave to air dry in the sun.  Do this every three to four weeks and keep your brushes in great shape.



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  1. I have been washing my hairbrushes and combs in baking soda for 15-20 years and do it every few weeks in summer and 3-4 weeks in winter. Really does make a difference and I dry in the sunshine or in the hot water cupboard overnight. Also wash my make up brushes every 7-10 days with a mild hemp/lavender soap and dry overnight as it always prolongs the life of brushes and keeps them bacteria free and fresh.

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      It does make a big difference, thanks for the tip re make up brushes too, am posting a DIY on how to clean them in the coming weeks 🙂

  2. My Mum taught me to wash combs and hairbrush every week when hair was washed using baking soda in a bowl of warm water. This is not a new idea this was 70 years ago. I still do it this way.

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      That’s great 🙂
      Most of the recipes we share are old fashioned redone for today, how people used to live before so many toxic chemicals were created

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