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DIY Gardeners Scrub

Scrubs can be expensive to purchase, and many brands are loaded with chemical fillers, so why not make your own! This effective peppermint scented gardeners scrub works to exfoliate dry skin while moisturising and protecting. I’ve called it a gardeners scrub as it’s great at removing dirt, grime, and green stains from working outside.

Pop this scrub into a funky jar, add some raffia and a Christmas decoration or two and you have a lovely green gift to give to your gardening-fanatic friend.

Both salt and sugar are excellent for exfoliating, you can use either; for this recipe I chose salt because I had some in the pantry. Using a scrub not only exfoliates but it helps your skin to absorb moisture making even the driest hands feel like new.

DIY Gardener’s Scrub

40ml Dr Bronners Peppermint Liquid Castile Soap
6 Tbl Wendyl’s Peppermint Cleaning Paste

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil

40g Coconut Oil, I used Blue Coconut Oil avail at most supermarkets

220g Rock Salt crushed in a mortar and pestle until fine

Melt the coconut oil in a bowl over hot water, then add the cleaning paste and stir well, next add the castile soap and salt. Let it cool, add the essential oils and stir vigorously with a spoon until combined.

Scoop the lot into a clean jar – there’s a great range of jars at Look Sharp stores if you don’t have an up-cycled one. This scrub will last for ages although the scent will fade over time, to freshen it up add more essential oils. If it starts to seperate give it a good stir.

To use the scrub wet your hands and add a spoon of scrub, massage over your hands or any dirty area very well until clean, rinse well. This recipe will make approximately 300g to 350g of scrub.

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