DIY Face, Wash, Dishcloth

This easy pattern is one from the archives. You don’t need to be a seasoned knitter to whip up a few of these lovely natural cloths. The size, shape and feel makes them perfect to use as a facecloth, a washcloth for baby or you can pop one in the kitchen and use it as a dishcloth.

They also make wonderful gifts, especially when made with earthy coloured, all-cotton yarn. The texture of the double moss stitch sets these cloths apart and you can make them larger just by increasing the number of stitches you cast on.

DIY Face, Wash, Dishcloth

Use needles advised by the yarn you buy. I used 4mm.

Cast on 39 stitches.

Knit six rows.

+ First row:Knit 4 then knit 1/purl 1 until last 4 stitches which you knit

Second row: Knit 4 then purl1/knit1 until last 4 stitches which you knit

Third row: Knit 4 then purl1/knit1 to last 4 stitches which you knit.

Fourth row: Knit 4 then knit 1/purl1 to last 4 stitches which you knit +

From + to + forms the pattern which you repeat until you have nearly made a square. Finish off with another six rows of knit and cast off.

*UPDATE Ann knitted these lovely cloths with a chunky wool, cotton acrylic blend.


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  1. I have knitted a few dishcloths now , they are so good , the last one I knitted I used 2 different colours knitted together. made a great thick one which I gave to a friend (who thought they were a joke until she used it) now she loves them also..

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  2. I have knitted these dish clothes for my friends for Christmas. They all thought I was daft but now have orders for seconds. So thank you for a great idea and pattern

  3. Yes there are lots of people out there knitting as is proved by the 250 people who are members of my NZ wide Knitknutz knitting Club by mail which is still going strong after 11 years. Have had dish cloth patterns in the newsletter and I use them all the time.

  4. I make this Easy Dishcloth to give away to friends and actually kept the last one myself. going to experiment using a Chunky Cotton which I purchase from Spotlight here in Christchurch or Dunedin. Very popular pressie! Cloth washes up well.

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