DIY Coconut and Cacao Toothpaste


This is a great option instead of using regular toothpaste – even my 13-year-old Son uses it from time to time without grimacing. It’s taken me about a year of trialing different blends to come up with this one. I love the addition of Cacao Butter as it gives the toothpaste a slightly chocolate flavour that goes really well with the Peppermint Essential Oil. Also, the Cacao keeps the paste from going too runny in the summer months.


Coconut and Cacao Toothpaste

70g Coconut Oil

30g Cacao Butter

1Tbl Hemp Seed Oil

320g Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda (not man made as it’s toxic)

1.5 – 2ml Peppermint Essential Oil to taste

In a glass bowl over hot but not boiling water melt the Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil, stir to combine, take off the heat and sift in the Baking Soda. Stir again, then add the Hemp Seed Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil, make sure you’ve combined all ingredients, then pour into a glass jar. I put a little wooden spoon into ours so it’s easy to scoop out onto your brush. This will be firmer in winter and softer in summer.  * I wouldn’t give this to small children, and if you have any questions ask your Dentist.   **There is no fluoride in this mix




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  1. Hi, I’m really interested in this. I just wondered where you bought your Peppermint essential oil? I have some from Lotus Oils but it’s not Good Grade – does it need to be if you’re not technically swallowing it (in theory, but the kids might!). Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi, I used regular Peppermint Essential Oil as it really is not something you would swallow, even by accident, I’d also be careful giving this to small children to use as their teeth are not adult teeth, check with your dentist first perhaps. You can leave the peppermint oil out if you prefer or make an oil infusion yourself using Mint or Spearmint herbs.

  2. I use powdered xylitol or erythritol (gmo free of course) and no baking soda…delicious enough for the kids actually delicious enough to snack on haha

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