DIY Citrus Cleaning Paste

a bowl of bicarbonate soda, half a lemon, water, cleaning sponge - ingredients to make a cleaning paste

This handy paste can be used all around your home to get marks off walls, make your bath and shower sparkle and get baked on gunk off pots and pans.

It’s a fun product to make with the kids as it rises and feels soft and fluffy in the process. Be careful not to put it in your jar too soon as it creates pressure when rising and can pop the lid off, which is fine unless you are standing over it.

I had a scratch on my car this week, well, not exactly a scratch but more of a smear where someone had nudged a post or something similar that had paint on it. I got out the cleaning paste, rubbed some onto a cloth and gently rubbed until it was gone.

DIY Citrus Cleaning Paste

1 cup  Green Goddess Premium baking soda

1 tbsp cream of tartar

10ml liquid castile soap (or dishwashing liquid for a less green option)

4 drops orange sweet essential oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

5ml water

In a bowl mix together Wendyl’s Premium baking soda with cream of tartar. In a jug mix 10ml of liquid castile soap with the water.

Slowly pour into the powders and mix with a fork until you have a paste. Add more water if you need to. Add both essential oils and stir to combine.

Leave for two hours to rise put into a jar or airtight container and use to clean kitchen and bathroom sinks, baths and toilets etc.


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  1. Do the citrus oils help with cleaning or are they for scent? My son has an allergy to citrus and sulphate so I’m looking for cleaning alternatives.

    1. Hi, you don’t need to put the citrus essential oils in, you can leave it unscented or choose another oil instead, like peppermint.

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