DIY Carpet Spot Remover

Ever have those moments where everything goes into slow motion as you see the food fall to the floor and your mind races ahead to how you are going to clean up the mess before it permanently marks the carpet?

Well, if you make up this mixture in advance it will be ready to spray onto those marks as soon as they happen and before they stain.

Don’t forget to grab one of our beautiful glass spray bottles and clearly label it, or you’ll end up forever smelling and guessing what’s inside.

DIY Carpet Spot Remover

1 cup Water

1 cup Double Strength White Vinegar

1 tsp Hemp & Eucalyptus Cleaning Castile

Put all the ingredients into a spray bottle, then shake well to combine. Spray onto the stain and blot up with a clean towel or cloth. Do this repeatedly until the stain is gone.