De-Flea Powder for Cat Biscuits

I make this up by the jar load and sprinkle it in with the cat biscuits when I pour them into their container. It attaches itself to the slightly sticky outer coating and then the cats eat it no problem. The theory behind this powder is that fleas hate the taste of yeast and garlic so will hop off and look elsewhere. I sometimes wonder if the whole family shouldn’t be eating this mix so that the fleas don’t decide to eat us instead.

100 g Brewer’s Yeast

30 g garlic powder (not garlic salt!)

1 Tbs bran

1 Tbs wheatgerm

Whizz together in a food processor and feed 1 tsp per day per cat. I just throw about half a cup in with a box of biscuits and give it a good shake up.

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