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Customer Loyalty Reward Points

We wanted to take the time to explain how our Customer Loyalty Rewards work, especially now that we have made a few small positive changes.

When you sign up to Green Goddess with an online account you will receive a $5 credit, which equates to 50 points, to welcome you to your new account.

For every product review you write you will receive a further $2 credit, equal to 20 points. This can be found under the ‘review’ tab next to the ‘product details’ tab.

For every $1 you spend you will receive 1 point AND even when items are on sale, you will now earn 100% of the rewards!

Each point is worth 10c when redeemed so you need 10 points to spend $1. Points are valid for one year from the date they are earned.

Please note – Points can only be earned and redeemed online at this time. *The freight cost does not earn loyalty points.

For more information please visit our Loyalty Rewards tab, which can also be found under ‘My Account’, or simply click here.

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