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Conquering Fear & Anxiety Through Yoga & Meditation

In the weekend Grant and I went to a brilliant workshop on improving mobility and stability at our local yoga studio Kanuka with Kylie Rook who is a wealth of knowledge. We both loved the class particularly the breath work and focus on core strength which directly impacts the way you move and also how flexible you are.

Kylie has created a FREE online yoga class and a FREE online meditation to help with any fear and anxiety you may be feeling.

From Kylie ….

It’s hard not to get swept up in the panic and fear that is sweeping the world.  The headlines are perpetuating this and the herd mentality to bulk buy toilet paper and other items is further adding fuel to the fire.

Fear and anxiety are very much linked to the sympathetic nervous system and the stories we create.  

The antidote to this is meditation, staying present with sensation, noticing your breath.  For example, what does fear actually feel like within your body?

For me, it feels like prickles, prickles everywhere, sometimes with heat.  This is the physical sensation that I am then able to stay present with, notice and allow it to move through.  

Remember sensation lasts for roughly 90 seconds.  It’s the stories that we create that make the sensations and emotions last longer.  Think of how you might relay a bad event over and over throughout the day to colleagues and family members further cementing that feeling in the body.  Perhaps even going to bed still thinking about it so that you wake up with it still on your mind.

What if you just stopped and allowed yourself to feel it.  Without the story, without needing to retell it over and over?

If you find yourself triggered by the headlines or events in the world, practice stopping for a moment. 
Notice what your breath is like. 
Notice what you feel in the body. 
If necessary bounce and shake to self regulate.  Animals and children do it, it’s the best way to move sensation through if you are having trouble releasing it.

Practice staying present.  Notice the things around you, your feet on the earth, the feeling of the breeze or the sun on your skin.   At this time its presence and compassion that we all need, not fear.

I have created an online class and meditation for you to help beat fear and anxiety.

To access the free meditation click here.
To access the free yoga class click here.

Love and light to you all.

You will need to create an account to view both, there are no charges associated with signing up and no obligation to stay, although I hope you do as Kylie is awesome!

Here’s an excerpt from the yoga class …

“COVID 19 is creating a lot of Fear and Anxiety around the world. 

This practice is to act as an antidote for this.  Create awareness of breathing and core stability first before we layer on some more complex movements all designed to work through the lower chakras,  creating more stability and awareness through the body so it takes us out of the fear and anxiety of the mind.

We will use playful core and hip mobility drills to practice being in that place of uncertainty and how we can find balance, stability and presence through this.

The nervous system likes to feel safe.  Learn how through strength we create safety, find courage and the ability to step into fear without it consuming us.  This practice concludes with a meditation to again bring presence.”

Find out more about Kylie here. Follow her on Instagram.

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