Cleaning Green

Our guest blogger this week is Jenny McDee who has shared her article on cleaning green, this is a good reminder of easy ways we can all clean green at home. 

If there’s any reason to not use cleaning products which contain toxic chemicals then recent results from a study by Dr. Cecile Svanes of the University of Bergen should convince you: they found that 13.7 percent of women developed asthma from cleaning the home.

In order to limit these dangers along with other health risks, using natural cleaning products can be just as effective and will also have less of an impact on the environment. There are numerous ways to keep your home toxin-free many of which contain commonplace ingredients you have in the home.

So, if you’re wanting to turn your clean kitchen into a green kitchen and not sure where to begin, the list below should cover most of the common elements in any kitchen.

Get your fridge gleaming

Whether you have a full-size refrigerator or have a mini-fridge for your office or dorm, cleaning it naturally is the best thing you can do. Try using lemon juice on a cloth when you’re wiping it down to erase odours, then spray with Wendyl’s Natural Spray Cleaner and wipe clean.

To keep your fridge smelling fresh each time it’s opened keep put Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda in an open jar in the fridge, refresh the jar every month or so. If you want to easily clean up any sticky or stubborn stains, using salt with warm water works wonders. For any glass shelving, you can mix a combination of Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar and warm water to get it gleaming clean.

Deep clean your oven

Despite studies showing that some household chores can reduce stress, cleaning the oven is probably not one of your favourite chores, but it is a necessity.  First take out trays and grills and soak in hot water to which you’ve added dish wash liquid, the next step is to dive into the oven’s interior. Remove all debris from food before getting down to the actual cleaning. Apply a combination of Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda and Green Goddess Premium White Vinegar to the surface inside the oven, let it bubble up and leave for a few minutes. To finish, rub in the mixture with a damp cloth and wipe clean.

Get stainless steel sparkling

If you’re wanting to green clean all your stainless steel appliances, sink areas and cooking pots, you only need two very simple ingredients: white or cider vinegar and olive oil. Firstly, wipe down the area with a cloth slightly dampened with olive oil and then go over the surface with another cloth, this time dampened with the vinegar. The results are amazing and go a long way to reducing toxins in the home and make your kitchen a healthier and greener place to spend time in.

Super clean tiles and linoleum

Instead of using store bought cleaner for your tiles or linoleum try Wendyl’s recipe for Linoleum and Tile Cleaner.

Cleaning your kitchen and home doesn’t have to be harmful to you and the environment, nor does it have to cost a fortune. Simply use some cost-effective alternatives and a bit of elbow grease to get the job done.


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