Clean Your Jewellery Naturally

While I was cleaning the house the other day I used a combo of our Citrus Spray Cleaner and our magic Peppermint Cleaning Paste.

When I’d finished I noticed that both my rings were sparkling in a way they never had before. I realised that it must have been the cleaning paste. So now I have added jewellery cleaner to the long list of uses you and I have found for it.

To recap you can use it for:

* Cleaning grease off hands.
* Washing hair (apparently it’s great).
* Getting marks off cars.
* All oven tops.
* Baths, porcelain etc.
* Post fishing to get the smell off your hands.
* Getting labels off jars.
* Jewellery cleaner.

*Cleaning showers and shower glass

You can buy cleaning paste here or make your own with this recipe.

DIY Cleaning Paste

1 cup Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda

1 tbsp Cream Of Tartar

10 ml Green Goddess Unscented Liquid Castile Soap

1 ml Essential Oil of your choice

5 ml water

In a bowl mix together the baking soda and cream of tartar.

In a jug mix the liquid castile soap with the water then slowly pour into the powders and mix with a fork until you have a paste.

Add more water if you need too, you’re wanting a thick paste. Add 1 ml of your chosen essential oil and stir to combine. Put into a jar or pottle and leave plenty of room.

Leave overnight with the lid over the top but not screwed down – it will fizz up.  The next day pat the mixture down and put the lid on.

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