Chemo Recovery Pickled Vegetables

picklesI was reading a letter to the New York Times at the weekend about how people undergoing chemotherapy can find their appetite restored if they eat a spoonful of vinegar. The writer shared a pickle recipe he had made for a friend going through chemo so I sent it a good friend of mine who is in the middle of chemo. I suggested I make a few jars up and she said that coincidentally after her last treatment she had been craving pickles and asked her children to get her some from the supermarket. She says the tart, sour taste gets rid of the horrible metallic taste she gets in her mouth.So I made these jars (right) from the recipe although it said to use seasoned sushi vinegar, and just as I was about to pour it into the pot I noticed it had some horrible additives such as MSG! The last thing my friend should be consuming.
I switched it to cider vinegar which has many healing properties – and a warning, it took me a while to find one in the supermarket which didn’t have colouring added such as the Healtheries brand. Apple cider vinegar should have one ingredient – apples.
I’ve tasted the pickles and they are very tart but I figure that’s what you need. After trying them out she sent me this review:

“The pickled vegetables are divine – just the perfect amount of tartness and texture! I shared some with a vegan friend of mine who is very difficult to please, in the nicest way possible, and he agreed that they were superb. I think you are on to a winner there.  And co-accidentally I am also into apple cider vinegar in hot water, with a tiny dash of honey. My tastes have definitely been effected by the chemo and the vinegary touch seems to counteract against the metallic taste that chemo leaves in my mouth.”

So if you have a friend going through chemo why not whip up a few jars for them. It might help them get their appetite back.

Chemo Recovery Pickles

1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup water
2 tsp sugar*
2 tsp sherry vinegar**
2 carrots chopped into 5cm sticks
4 celery sticks chopped into 5cm sticks
1 cup broccoli cut into small florets
1 cup cauliflower cut into small florets
1 dried chilli
1 clove garlic peeled and smashed.

Find some glass jars with tight sealing lids and give them a good clean. Then fill with boiling water and put the lids on. Leave to sterilise.
Meanwhile prepare your vegetables.
Put the vinegar, water, sugar and sherry vinegar in a pot and heat until steaming – do not boil.
Empty your jars and put the chilli and garlic in the bottom then cram the vegetables in.
Pour the vinegar mix over the vegetables right to the top, covering them. Put on the lid and leave to return to room temperature and then store in the fridge. Leave for 24 hours before eating and the longer you leave them the better they taste!
*You can add more sugar if you think your friend will need a bit more sweetness.
**You can also use a wine vinegar or leave it out. I just added it in for a bit of flavour.


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  1. Wendyl, give your friend this tip, eat with plastic cutlery. Great info, thanks for sharing your recipes. I’m doing chemo now so will give it a go.

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