Chemicals to Avoid in Make Up

There has been some very disturbing new information released that details what is actually in our cosmetics and personal care items. We’ve all heard about phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and nanoparticles, but there is a much larger range of potentially toxic chemicals to be aware of. After reading quite a few different blogs, and getting emails regarding what to look out for, I was sent this article which is the most informative I’ve read to date.

I like the suggestion of going through your makeup and throwing out products that contain any of the chemicals listed and replacing them with safe versions, of which there are so many options here in NZ, including our site. We don’t sell many cosmetics as yet, so if you’re after a healthy foundation, eye colour or mascara take a look at our friend Anna’s site Ecoboutique, she’s found lovely Eco make up and beauty products that are safe, beautiful and affordable.

To read the full article and find out about all the toxins you could potentially be putting on your skin follow this link  to the full blog at Positive Health and Wellness.


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