What Exactly Is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is something we use a lot of here at Wendyl’s Green Goddess as it’s totally natural and made only from plants. It’s in most of our cleaning products, all of our laundry powders, and is the base for our natural organic hemp dish wash and foaming soap – both of which are made for us by the talented Mother and Daughter team at Be Natural in Taranaki.

All of their natural castile soaps, both solid and liquid, are palm oil free and are made with organic ingredients. We will be adding to our range of Be Natural soaps, which will include the liquid castile over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the newsletter.

This week our guest blogger is castile soap aficionado Sarah from Be Natural.

“Castile soap is a household essential for people who care what they are putting on their bodies, into their homes and into the environment.  Castile soap is a fantastic environmentally conscious choice for everything from a household cleaner through to personal care.

It is environmentally conscious because it is made from pure natural ingredients and is fully biodegradable. These natural ingredients are combined with a strong alkaline, which is made using pure water.  The byproduct of this is natural soap.  Castile soap can be made in a solid or liquid form and it is marked apart from other soaps, in that it contains few ingredients and it NEVER contains animal fats or oils.

Most castile soap is marketed as containing olive oil but any vegetable oil can be used to make a pure castile.  Castile soap is said to have gained its label from the Kingdom of Castilla, now a part of Spain.  Apparently the King of France insisted upon the finest soap made from extra virgin olive oil, and hence the name Castile was born. 

Natural castile soap is known to be long lasting, effective, and potent.  It can be used for a variety of applications, from washing your face through to a dog and pet wash.  This pure soap can be used safely and effectively used in the laundry and is really popular among vegetarians and vegans as it contains no animal products.  It is also great to use with kids, as its pure natural effectiveness washes away grime and dirt without stripping their sensitive skin.

All of Be Natural’s soap range is castile soap.  This is because we only use top quality, certified organic, vegetable oils and butters that are sourced in New Zealand – we keep ingredients lists pure and totally natural.”


Top Ten uses for Castile Soap

Here are my top ten uses for using Be Natural’s range of castile soaps in my own home:

As a facial cleanser. ( I use Be Smooth with Pink Clay – it’s divine and lasts forever, coming to Wendyl’s soon)

As a yummy body wash!  Both solid and liquid! (the Green Goddess Hemp & Rose Foaming Soap is wonderful on your skin)

Shampoo!  We make a fantastic solid shampoo bar! (coming to Wendyl’s soon)

As a great shaving soap!  Try Be Lathered Looks after sensitive skin and prolongs shaving blades life! (My hubby is stoked that he doesn’t have to shell out so much for expensive blades!!!)

As a dishwash – apply the liquid castile directly to roasting dishes and baking tins. Or use a blended castile make specifically for this purpose such as Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Organic Dish Wash Liquid 

Use liquid castile as a bathroom cleaner, including showers and toilets.  (I use the sweet orange and lavender, the same soap we clean the kids with!)

Add liquid castile (or some grated solid bar such as Be Earthy) to the washing machine or use it to make Wendyl’s laundry liquids and powders!  Also makes great laundry hand wash (is very kind to my skin too!)

Use the liquid castile to help clean windows, apply a squirt directly and clean.

Use the liquid castile to mop floors, brings a natural and clean scent to the room.

You can even use liquid castile in the windscreen wiper cleaner dispenser in the car.

Castile soap can be used anytime you need an all purpose cleaner – it is proven to be very effective  – and can not only save you dollars but will help declutter your shelves of the multitude of different products (that you don’t really need).  It is also really good for people with sensitive skin as it cuts out contact with other nasty chemicals.

So why not ditch the toxic chemicals, and try some pure castile today?  Your household, your body and the environment will thank you for it.


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  1. This is sooo helpful. I make a lot of my own cleaners and would prefer to use less products so this is a great starting point. Plus with all of your recipes – it’s all right here!!

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