DIY Castile Dog Wash

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Rosemary and Lavender have been used for hair as far back as Egyptian times; they’re both antiseptic, help to soothe the scalp, and smell lovely. Long ago people used to strew bunches of these herbs all over their floors to deter fleas and vermin, so this shampoo can help keep fleas at bay.

If you’d like a stronger flea repellent shampoo you can add Neem oil to the mix, it will change the scent of the shampoo which you may not like, but neither will the fleas. We’ve been using Rosemary and Lavender Castile on Cruz – it makes his coat soft and shiny and is gentle on his sensitive skin, even with a bit or Neem added in.

DIY Castile Dog Wash

Fresh Rosemary,  enough to stuff an Agee jar.

Filtered Water, enough to fill up the Agee jar after the rosemary has been added
30 ml Green Goddess Unscented Castile Soap

1 tsp glycerine – available at most chemists
4 drops each Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils  *If adding Neem use additional 4 drops

**Purchase essential oils here

Pack the jar tight with rosemary and pour in boiling water.  Seal and leave to steep overnight. Pour 300 ml into a bottle then add the Castile, glycerine and essential oils and give it a good shake. Pour liberally over your wet dog, lather up and rinse off.


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